Frequently Asked Questions

answers to common questions; call us for more details

Call us for help getting set up at $99/month.  (219) 488-2689

What are the other people like at the office?

Our members are a cool mix of different professions, in fact our membership agreement has a strict no-jerks-allowed clause. We’re all striving to improve ourselves and our businesses, and it’s part of the co-working culture. Some of our members develop software and websites, some write book, some help guide people to healthier living, some work in marketing and design. All are friendly, helpful, and respectful.

How fast is the internet?

We have a fiber-optic internet connection provided by NITCO. Our membership includes access up to 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps) for both uploads and downloads.

Are there any deposits or long-term commitments?

We understand the need for flexibility, so we do not have any extra set up fees, deposits, or long-term commitments. See the costs

What kind of coffee do we have?

We buy direct trade and fair trade from Katie at Needmore Coffee Roasters. She brings us freshly roasted batches and they’re delicious.

Are there enough places to sit and work?

We have absolutely enough office space for our membership now and in the future. We’ve not run out of space before, and we’ll expand our own square footage if we need to.

What if I just want to go to the office and not talk to anyone?

Then you’re totally allowed to do just that. If you just want to put on some noise-cancelling headphones, bury your face in your monitor, and crush work-then please do so (We’ll just make sure there’s enough coffee for you to go all day and night)!

What does everyone wear there?

Basically whatever people want! Normally folks are just casual mode, but if you want to rock it in pajamas and a hoodie, then you’re more than welcome. If you think today should be a black-tie evening, be our guest (and bring the champagne!)

What should I do about eating during the day?

We have a few different options for you. For one, we usually try to keep some fruit and other brain foods out in the space to snack on. Or, if you like bringing a great meal from home then you can store your lunch in our fridge. If neither of those sound ideal, or if you want to experience the greatness of downtown Valparaiso Dining, then we have a whole bunch of lunch places right next to us!  Google Map for lunch near downtown Valparaiso

Is Coworking distracting?

The truth is: it can be. We have considered this, however and have guidelines for members to follow to ensure that distractions are kept at a minimum. It is more likely that you will be empowered to be productive because you will be around other productive people!