Virtual Office in Valparaiso Indiana

We now offer virtual office services to our members as an additional paid feature. We don’t just accept mail and put it in your mailbox. When you use our virtual office solutions, you’ll be notified when you receive something in the mail. To make things even better for you, you’ll also have the option of either having us open and scan the document, forward the document to your own address, leave the mail for you pickup, or shred the mail so you don’t need to think about it again.

All of this can save you unnecessary trips to check mail, or even means you can handle the office remotely for as long as you’d like.

Additionally, with our virtual office solutions, we offer a call forwarding number. The call forwarding option will allow you to have a separate business number that rings directly to your own personal cell phone, or another phone number you prefer.

We offer the virtual office as a bundled service, which includes mail scanning and call forwarding in our standard virtual office package.

To get signed up for our service, please contact us below.