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Buying Bitcoin as a Small Business

Bottom line? Just use Cash.App: My Preference: For small amounts under $2,500 per week, use Cash.App from Square. (Super easy & fast and costs about a 2.2% fee) For larger amounts, use (This is much, much, MUCH slower, can also cost a wire fee but can...

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Internet Outage in Valparaiso?

Is your internet out while you still need to get work done? Zoseco Coworking in Valparaiso uses an independent fiber network with battery backup so you can keep going when Comcast or Frontier don't. Purchase a $20 day pass at the button here and let us know when...

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Sweating the small stuff

Details matter. Since starting the space in summer 2014, we've learned quite a bit about what works and what doesn't. One thing that we enjoy most though, is paying attention on details that individually might not make a huge difference, but together make a things so...

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Doing a Weekly Standup

Update from June 2017: So we tried doing these, and it didn't really work. So we stopped doing them. But please enjoy the below story from when we started. 🙂 Imagine this, you're way deep in concentration, working on a project and BAM, someone asks for a quick 2...

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Should I work where I sleep?

Remote working is becoming readily available for many different fields, but does that mean working from home is the right way ahead? Like anything, it depends on the circumstances and your goals. Let's look at a couple different alternatives and explore when is the...

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