Update from June 2017: So we tried doing these, and it didn’t really work. So we stopped doing them. But please enjoy the below story from when we started. 🙂

Imagine this, you’re way deep in concentration, working on a project and BAM, someone asks for a quick 2 minutes to go over something. Their intentions are pure, they need your help. You want to help, and you know how. The unfortunate part is it takes a lot more than 2 minutes to get back to your previous pace.

Standup Meetings are one way to help teams work together. 1 by 1, teammates say what they accomplished the day before, what they’re working on today, and what’s stopping them now. By concentrating brain power into these short standups, it’s easier for someone listening to offer a way to help. It’s something the tech and software world has adopted to move projects faster.

In the coworking realm, many of us are working independently. Some of us work remotely and have standups already, but some of us don’t have that opportunity. We started implementing weekly standups at the space in order to help our community with accountability & problem solving. Plus it’s great to hear and share what’s going on with people.

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