Wow, there’s a coworking space in Valparaiso?

Being a coworking space in a city of 35k means we can do things a little different than office spaces nearby in Chicago. We get to know our members at a closer level (if they want), we get to play a bigger part in the local community, and we get to serve as a an additional draw for people checking out our city.

It’s only natural to try and find people like ourselves, we all do it to some extent. But we think of that like a jar filled with one flavor of starbursts. The nature of coworking means we get to help people  across different backgrounds and industries.  In Valparaiso we’re lucky to have a mix of remote professionals, entrepreneurs, and even traditional local industry workers. This diversity helps us all learn and grow, but most importantly, let’s us have more fun.

Being in a community-focused city means it can be easier to get connected and learn about what’s going on. With the coworking space serving as a hangout for unique individuals, we can more actively get involved in the community here. Whether it’s helping out our area nonprofits with their advertising, assisting a local manufacturer with their IT, or designing a local restaurant’s online menu, we get to see the impact of our members in our community first hand. This connection also lets the good work of our members here spread easily.

We’ve also been lucky enough to meet several incredible visitors to Valparaiso. Some of these ‘day-pass’ members grew up in Valpo and moved away for college and their careers. Occasionally, they’ll come back to visit family. While planning their trips back, they see a coworking space and want to check it out. To us, this is beyond exciting! It’s great to see people experience the adventures of life, as that helps us all become a little more connected. We’re all responsible for building the city we want to live in, and it’s exciting to see other people come check us out as they live out their adventures.

We’re enjoying the journey here at Zoseco, and we invite you to check out both us and our great city. Whether you’re looking to visit Valparaiso for your first time, or if you’re coming back to town and need a spot to work, we’re here for you. Just let us know!