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June 20, 2016
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October 13, 2016

Internet Outage in Valparaiso?

We’ve all been there… the internet is down for some unknown reason. For those comcast users, there’s even a tool on your xfinity account to see if there’s an outage (as long as you access it from your phone’s internet, since you know, the internet is down).


We think it’s important to help our community out, so if you’re in Valparaiso, have an internet outage, and need to get some important work done-come check us out at Zoseco Coworking. Our internet is faster than pretty much anywhere else around thanks to a partnership with NITCO (1gig up and down!), and when you’re here-you’re part of a casual club of awesome people who make things happen.

Check out our membership page for a day pass.