Internet down in Valpo?

Is your internet out while you still need to get work done? Zoseco Coworking in Valparaiso uses an independent fiber network with battery backup so you can keep going when Comcast or Frontier don’t. Purchase a $20 day pass at the button here and let us know when you’re visiting!

Zoseco Coworking

A shared office space where people work independtly around other great people

Fastest Internet

We use NITCO Fiber Internet at 1000 mbps both up and down. Battery backup keeps us going longer than anyone.

Strongest Coffee

We carry Dagger Mountain Coffee with a ton of ways to brew it here like pour-over, french press, Chemex.

Coolest People

Our members are working on projects in all different fields. We’re here because we want to, not because we have to.

Answers to Your Questions

Who else works there?

We have everything from college students and interns to employees of Facebook, Google, Apple & Uber. Most of our members are local freelancers, small businesses and remote workers.

How does it work with shared space?

It’s easy, the people who are here all know they’re going to be working around other people. It’s like a self-selection process where people want to work well with others.

Do we run out of desk space?

When that happens, we expand the size of the coworking space. So you’ll always be able to find a spot to work.

Can I take a call in there?

Of course! Calls and video chats are a normal and necessary part of business. Our space is built out to allow members hidden spots to get on calls and to do live chats. The main work area is a no-call zone, so people can keep focused on their work without distractions of a normal office, and everyone works well together.

How do I make sure I can concentrate?

Bring your favorite pair of headphones or earbuds! It’s a general rule for coworking spaces where if someone has their earbuds in or headphones on, to just let them keep crushing work.

Our Blog

Some of our writings on the coworking space in Valparaiso.

Sweating the small stuff

Details matter. Since starting the space in summer 2014, we've learned quite a bit about what works and what doesn't. One thing that we enjoy most though, is paying attention on details that individually might not make a huge difference, but together make a things so...

Doing a Weekly Standup

Doing a Weekly Standup

Update from June 2017: So we tried doing these, and it didn't really work. So we stopped doing them. But please enjoy the below story from when we started. 🙂 Imagine this, you're way deep in concentration, working on a project and BAM, someone asks for a quick 2...

Using the Home Office Deduction in Valparaiso

Using the Home Office Deduction in Valparaiso

This article reviews one of the most common business deductions, especially for self-employed business owners, the Home Office Deduction. So if you’re getting everything together for your tax return, and you have some business expenses you want to claim--Great! The...

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