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JM2 Webdesigners

“Since moving into Zoseco JM2 Webdesigners has grown by leaps and bounds. We are now more active in the local community, participate in the many events Zoseco brings to the co-working space but is also pivotal to the growth of anyone wanting to get “out of that home office” and become more productive as well as present themselves more professionally. We would, and always do, recommend Zoseco to everyone who works out of home or is contemplating becoming an entrepreneur.” – John

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Valpo Nannies

“The coworking space has allowed me to have a place to get away from the distractions at home. There is no other place where I am as productive as I am at Zoseco! On top of that, it gives my team a professional place to conduct our countless interviews of nanny applicants. My favorite thing about working at the space has by far been the opportunity to work around other people who are accomplishing amazing things!” -Ahna

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The Holistic Christian Woman

“Zoseco Coworking helps my business by allowing me a place to focus on my projects without distractions.  I used to go to coffee shops, and while they are pleasant, they are not always conducive to productivity.  As a Holistic Health Coach, Zoseco also provides me with a private space to meet with clients that is conducive to confidentiality.” -Cynthia

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JET Consulting Services

“Zoseco offers a great space in downtown Valpo with awesome opportunities to collaborate and grow with other business owners.  Zoseco has been a great benefit to our growing business!” – Joel

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