Virtual Offices - Valparaiso Indiana

hands-free and full service business mail

We offer a full service virtual office starting at just $50/month for most mail usage. You’ll get a professional business address in downtown Valparaiso Indiana without needing to come in to check the mail. We’ll notify you of any mail you receive. Once you receive mail, you can then request we scan, shred, or forward any items you with the click of a button. We ran an experiment with this service during the pandemic, and found it far superior in time and money savings for our mail clients.

Whether you’re launching a new venture, looking for a new business address, or you’re taking the first step to move your business to Indiana–Zoseco Virtual Offices can help.

Bonus: How do we save you time and money? Most mail services tend to offer static mailboxes only. You have to drive to the store to pick up your items. Even if you were only 10 minutes away, you’re spending 30 minutes of your time for the *chance* to find what you’re looking for. Other services require mail to be forwarded, and with delays at the post office, it could take you up to two weeks to get your mail. We cut out the fluff, so you can concentrate on improving your business and serving your customers.