Our Mission:

to help people invest in themselves at the best place possible

Invest in yourself

You invest now for your future. You do this by placing resources in something that can grow in value and potential. It’s easy to forget, however, to invest in yourself, in your skills, interests, and passions.

Our goal at Zoseco is to help you invest more in yourself. When you improve yourself, you can help more people and create a better impact on the world!

Best place possible

Your environment plays a huge part in your success and happiness. Interestingly enough, increased productivity, more fun and higher revenues are top listed reasons to use a coworking space according to a recent survey.

To us, the best place possible doesn’t mean physical space, it’s the social environment we’re in. When you’re facing a challenge, is it better to try your luck on Google or to ask a fellow entrepreneur if they’ve faced something similar? This is why we set up an open work space instead of the traditional, small, isolated office.

To make it easier for you to connect, we host different events and gatherings on our Meetup page. This group isn’t just for members of the space, but anyone interested in growing.

Meet our founder

Eric ZossoEmail | LinkedIn

Eric’s a Valparaiso native who started Zoseco Coworking in August 2014. Eric graduated from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana and commissioned with the Air Force in May 2009. A self-proclaimed nerd, he served in Air Force Space Command for 5 years controlling GPS satellites in California and Colorado. Eric left active duty in May 2014 and moved back to Valparaiso in order to try starting a business to help his hometown and to make it easier to be around great people on a daily basis. He also enjoys writing long sentences and typing in the third person.

The open workside of the space!

This is our open work side. There’s great natural light coming in from the south wall. Designed for collaboration, high energy, and creative thinking, this room is great for productivity! The smaller conference room, a mini kitchenette, and secret hideout are close by.

So much natural light!