Zoseco Incorporated has been an Indiana Nonprofit Corporation in operation since 2014.

Also known as Zoseco Coworking, Zoseco (pronounced Zo’s-Co) was first conceptualized by a close group of Air Force Space Operation Officers, who despite “flying” GPS satellites 12,600 miles above the Earth’s surface, wanted to also facilitate a caring community in their neighborhood. Two of the original conspirators are now full-blown Space Force officers, and two are full-blown civilians. One of those now-civilians, Eric Zosso took the initial planning to Valparaiso after he left active duty in 2014 and started Zoseco Coworking.

As for coworking, we have private offices with tons of natural light and the best fiber internet in town with symmetrical 1 gigabit upload and download speeds thanks to local provider NITCO. If you’re looking for an office or coworking space in downtown Valparaiso Indiana, (at 5 Washington St, Valparaiso, IN 46383) Please contact Eric [at] zoseco [dot] com