Our Mission:

to help people invest in themselves at the best place possible

“…invest in themselves…”

While it can be easy to invest in the market, it’s often harder to invest in ourselves, in our skills, interests, and passions. It’s easy to say “The best investment you can make is in yourself”, it can be a little messier to do.

Our goal at Zoseco is to create an environment where it is easier and more fruitful to invest in yourself. 

“…the best place possible”

Coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular, sprouting up across the country in hubs just like Valparaiso. According to a recent survey, increased productivity, more fun, and revenue increases are among some of the bonuses you reap when you plant your career in a coworking space.

The environment we live and work in plays a huge part in our successes and happiness, which is why Zoseco strives to be the perfect fit for you. To us, the best place possible doesn’t just mean a physical space, but it’s also our social environment. We’re here to be more than a great office.

Need an example? If someone is facing a challenge, sure you can Google it, and sometimes that works, but often, it is faster to ask a friend who has been through something similar. This is one way our shared office can help you be more productive and have more fun while you’re doing it.

Finally, to be the best place possible, there’s the whole concept of overhead. Despite as much value as we can create for members, some parts of a coworking membership are still considered overhead, namely the space rental and access. When compared to a traditional office, we’re usually about 1/5th the total cost, but we still strive to find ways to lower that overhead burden, so you can focus more energy and resources, on your own customers, your work, your team, and yourself.


Some of the perks

  • Our internet is on a battery backup, meaning that even in the case of an outage, our wifi will keep running that extra bit longer
  • Power & USB outlets at every desk, on the desk
  • Spare phone chargers and USB cables, because we’ve all been in those sticky situations when we’ve needed a charge 
  • Extra keyboards, mice, USB hubs, and laptop stands, we’ve got you covered
  • Books, books, and more books – our community bookshelf is stocked with dozens of member favorites, and even a couple books written by past and present members
  • Office supplies, and you’re welcome to use whatever you need without worrying about hitting the store or heading home

The photo below is of our open work side. There’s great natural light coming in from the south wall. Designed for productivity, high energy, and creative thinking, this room is perfect for getting things done. A smaller conference room, kitchenette, and secret hideout is close by.

This view faces our reserved desk area. The chairs are our most recent upgrade and are super-comfortable and adjustable. We strive to make the space as productive as possible, and this was our latest step.  The six desks around the perimeter are all reserveable as part of the professional membership.

Meet the team

Eric Zosso | Email LinkedIn

Hi, I’m Eric and I started Zoseco Coworking in 2014. I loved the concept of coworking and had an opportunity to set one up in my hometown with a ton of help from friends, family, and new members.

Why the name Zoseco? It was an inside joke with some of my Colorado Air Force buddies as a play on words from my last name Zosso, and Costco, because Costco is an awesome customer-focused company. As for pronunciation, if someone says anything close, it’s a win! Folks on the inside though, we call it like “Zoe’s Co”, since my last name is pronounced “Zo-so”.

If you ever have questions, concerns, or suggestions, I would love to hear from you.