Our Mission:

to help people invest in themselves at the best place possible

Invest in yourself

The best investment you can make is in yourself. While it’s easy to invest in the market and retirement, it can be far too easy to forget to invest in ourselves, in our skills, interests, and passions.

Our goal at Zoseco is to create an office environment where it is easier and even more fruitful to invest in yourself.

Best place possible

Our environment plays a huge part in our success and happiness. Interestingly enough, increased productivity, more fun and higher revenues are top listed reasons to use a coworking space according to a recent survey.

To us, the best place possible doesn’t just mean physical space, but it’s also the social environment we’re in. Don’t get us wrong, we’re pretty sure we have the best physical space for productivity in Valparaiso, but we want to do more than be a great office. To give you an example, when we’re facing a challenge, sure we can try our luck on Google, but sometimes it’s way faster to ask a friend who already went through something similar. This is another way our shared office can help you be more productive, and frankly it makes it way more fun.

Meet our founder

Eric ZossoEmail | LinkedIn

Hi, I’m Eric and I started Zoseco Coworking after moving back to Valpo in 2014. I actually moved back to the hometown to start a different business, but wanted to do so from a coworking space since I kept reading about how helpful they are across the country, but unfortunately there weren’t any here… So thanks to a ton of help from family, friends and our fellow Valpo entrepreneurs, now there is! If you have any ideas or questions, please just shoot me a note and I’d be happy to chat. (shameless plug: I’m also super-involved in a local nonprofit called ValpoNEXT which is tasked with making Valparaiso the most civically-engaged city of our size. So whether you want to join the coworking space or not, and you want to help make our city better, or if you moved to the area and want to get tied into the community, please shoot me a note and introduce yourself!)

The Actual Space

The open workside of the space!

This is our open work side. There’s great natural light coming in from the south wall. Designed for collaboration, high energy, and creative thinking, this room is great for productivity! The smaller conference room, a mini kitchenette, and secret hideout are close by.

This is facing our reserved desk area. The chairs are our most recent upgrade and are super-comfortable and adjustable. We wanted to make the space even more productive, and this was our latest step.  The six desks around the perimeter are all reserveable as part of the professional membership.